Abre Camino que voy: To Open the Path

Inspirazione Italiana performance photograph by Mario Porchetta
photo by Mario Porchetta

Performance installation by Leandro Soto

The divine Janus-Eleggua-The Joker is sleeping in the lobby of the theater before and after the Dance Program Final Presentation at the Errol Barrow Center for Creative Imagination, University of the West Indies in Barbados. His costume is red and black and full of symbols that represent communication, secret codes, and the duality of everything: to be awake or sleeping, Yin/Yang, day and night, good and bad, beginnings and endings, among other things. Thanks to the music of drums and chanting in Yoruba language he responds to the calls. The music awakens him. Moving up from the floor, he starts to dance. Giving candies to the audience, he starts to jump, moving rapidly like a child that is happy to be alive. He invites people to follow him. Drummers and the audience are moved to follow his steps in order to see the exhibition on display in the gallery space. Once in the gallery he is makes fun of things; he appropriates objects, cloths, pictures, etc. He models for the camera as a way to pull the attention of new generations towards the arts.

The performance was presented with the support of the Dance Program’s director Neri Torres.


Leandro Soto performing as Elegua at the Errol Barrow Centre - Barbados