From the East to the West: Characters in the Desert

A performance piece honoring le legacy of Philips Curtis.

By Leandro Soto and Company.

Creator/Director Leandro Soto

This performance have been suscefully presented in two ocassions inside Philips Curtis Art Gallery, in Phoenix Art Museum. Families and children enjoyed the presentations. They motivate a deeper perception of Curtis art.

Using images, concepts and suggestions from the artist legacy, the performers give live to the paintings using masks,music, props and creative movements.

Each performer improvise the character folloving the visual discurse motivates by the paintings. They move freely in the space creating a narrative that takes in to consideration the audience age and interest.

A version for adult audience in available as well for chidren. In each version the meaning and message is adapted to the observers age. A deep apreciation of surrealistic Curtis art is the result after participate as audience.

Performance at the Phoenix Art Museum: