Fusion: Trip to India

Fusion: Trip to India is a performance / video / installation created by Leandro Soto.

Video Stills from the first performance

In this improvisational performance piece participant artists originally from Germany, Cuba, France, India and the US play instruments and conduct dance movements with chanting and gestures inspired by South Indian Culture. Fusion stands for integrations of cultures and multidisciplinary art expressions.

Mixing the admiration for Old Culture with their own personal experiences in the New World, the artists lead the audience into an artistic spiritual journey.

Searching for an integration of old values with contemporary life in America, the piece develops its own language of communication to convey the integration of narratives and mythologies through creativity.

Participants in the first presentation:

  • Danielle Godfrey: yoga asana movements
  • Daniel Hirtz: tabla and percussion's instruments
  • Kristopher Rein: tabla, flute, singing and harmonium
  • Leandro Soto: narrative movements/dance free improvisation.



Painted Saris

Paintings and Drawings from the Trip to India Series

Installation view of paintings in India