Kachireme / Efi Visiting the Desert

Efi Visiting the Desert and Kachireme are video / installation / performance pieces that integrate the African mythological theme of "Ireme" and the Hopi Kachina from North America.

Video Stills from the original performance of Efi Visiting the Desert

Efi, an ancestor spirit originally from Nigeria (displaced to Cuba from Calabar, Nigeria during slavery), pays a visit to a Cuban exile living in the US. Efi gives him energy and hope in his new situation, so far from his native land.

The similarity in shape and concept with the Hopi Kachinas makes the Ireme welcome in Arizona. The creative process erases the liminal space between dreams, the world of imagination, and objective reality by virtue of redefining the present moment.

Kachireme is a new word that integrates both cultures in one character.

The first presentation of Leandro Soto's Efi Visiting the Desert included performer Jumoke Efimor Farrow and Leandro Soto with music performed by Amilcar Pena, and Enrique Barroso as well as recorded music by Daniel Lentz.

Many different versions of this piece have been performed. New versions include Abacua Music form Cuba, sound effects, and additional visual elements.

Paintings from the exhibition installation