A Postmodern Fortune Teller

Performance/video/installation by Leandro Soto and the participation of the audience

Come to know about your present, past and future consulting a XXI Century Fortune Teller. He will respond to any question you have in your mind or in your heart. Also you can come without any question and he will tell you about some important issues that maybe you are not aware of.

Only one limitation: The Postmodern Fortune Teller does not speak English, Turkish, German, Chinese, Spanish, Quechua, Maya, Hindi, Yoruba or any verbal language!

You have to understand what he says through his use of body language, gesture and dance movements.
Before your eyes the Postmodern Fortune Teller will invoke his power to connect other dimensions of Reality and break the limits of time and space.

In order to help you to understand what he will tell you, please bring your favorite music; he will dance and move using music and sound as a way to communicate with you.

CD, tape, mp3/iPod, and live music are welcome!

Attention: Do not bring Children or Chickens.

Do not miss this unique opportunity!